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This was initially made about 8 years ago but I refresh it up a bit every so often- Links may eventually not work but I will update it every so often.

Please look here before directing questions at me, most can be answered in their database.





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Joann Fabrics

Here are some people that sell supplies for making suits: (I did this off the top of my head don't be offended if you aren't on here.)

Absolutely amazing wings:

Cosplay supplies: (Also wonderflex here)

Armour making:

Duct tape:

Taxidermy eyes, noses, and teeth:


Plastic sheets:

EL wire:


Glue sticks and glue guns:

Duct tape dummy tutorials:

Silicone paw pad tutorial:

Some very well laid out pictures and explanations of suit making:

Resin mask mold tutorial:

Resin/Silicone supplier:


Stretch fur tutorial:

Dog collars: