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We have new items available in the Fursuit Parts collection below!
We have new items available in the Fursuit Parts collection below!




I retain all rights to my work, and I will post my work to my galleries.
  • If a commissioner wishes for a commission to remain "private" I will charge a %10 privacy fee of the commission cost. Privacy fees will be waived if an image is "temporarily private" (holiday, birthday, or convention).
I reserve the right to cancel at any time.
  • You will be issued a refund minus the deposit.
  • I only cancel if a commissioner is being excessively rude, beyond reasonable, or harasses me.
  • I also reserve the right to not accept certain orders and commissions – these include copyrighted characters, ‘blacklisted’ commissioners, stylistic differences, poor reference art, etc.
  • I only do business with adults, 18 and older. If you are under 18 you can have your parent/guardian contact me, I have no problem doing business through parents.



You may upload work done for you anywhere with due credit to me and a link back to my gallery.

You may also cancel your commission at any time (see below) except for any rush orders.

Contact can be made via FA notes, DA notes (this has a slower time response), Email, or by phone.

Also be aware that I have pets and if you have allergies to either inform me and I can try to keep everything isolated or go elsewhere.

Lydia Sakalowski
23527 122nd Place
Trevor, WI 53179

Cell# 262-716-2961
Telegram @DrakonicKnight


I am best at semi-realistic animal suits, I however can make toony and realistic just as well with no problem.

I may not exactly follow a character plan or reference sheet. If you want it to look like a wolf with a purple tail I can do that. But if you want me to copy the reference sheet down to exact style, sizes, and every angle then I am not your artist, I do my own style. What I will do is translate your character and markings into my own style.

Another thing I will not do, be inaccurate to a character's species. This is negligible for most commissions and hybrids are exempt however if you are a  for an example: a realistic kangaroo, and want a dog nose I won't do it. Another example would be if you are a skunk and want a cat shaped head I will not do that either. The only reason for this is that it would irritate me and make your commission not as enjoyable to work on as it could. Although often stylized to some degree, I reference all of my creations on photos of real animals for shapes and features.


Personal Characters:

  • If your character has any overly specific and uncommon markings I need a reference sheet.

I'll accept any of the following as forms of reference:

  • Character reference: This is the best choice if you have a specific character in mind to commission. I will need one that includes a front, side, and back view. I will also need this to be fully colored and preferably flat colored however shaded ones will work as well. This helps for me to pick out the closest color match and eye color. If you don't have one commission one from me or another artist, mine are about $80+.
  • Text: Sometimes this is fine, but I cannot guarantee that what I see from a description and what you see are the same thing. This is better if you have a general idea of what you want but nothing exactly laid out, or are looking for specifics only for one or two things. I will not sit for 5+ hours to iron out details if this method is chosen.
  • Things you should include in the description (and reference sheet) are as follows;* Eye color:
    • Hair color
    • Hair length/style
    • Species
    • Specific markings
    • Extra appendages (if applicable)
  • Artistic liberty: This is my favorite type of commission and I offer from 10-20% off if I am given artistic freedom (Discount taken from the head only). You supply a species and possibly a color theme, and are welcome to make suggestions of things you would like to see. This option will get you the biggest bang for your buck as I will often make these more detailed for no extra cost as it's my choice.
    Concept art I will NOT accept includes:
    • scribbled
    • uncoloured
    • art or character that does not belong to you
    • photo(s) of another costume
    • MULTIPLE references IE: a link to the tail, ears, wings, etc. Have one compiled reference please.
    • I DO NOT accept general links to galleries. Link me to 1 or 2 specific pieces of art.


  • Arm sleeves –
    I need;
    Circumference of the upper and lower part of your arm;   Upper:     Lower:
    Circumference of wrist:
    Length of shoulder to wrist (top of arm):
    Length of elbow to wrist:
  • Partials – I need the head measurements, a hand tracing (a hand turkey if you will), and shoe size. In addition, if you are getting sleeves I need those measurements as well.

*Please add your RL name/character’s name to DTD.*

Please note that I do ask all customers to tape all seams on their duct tape dummies before shipping them to me. Here is a how-to on that:
If this taping is not done, or is not done to my satisfaction, there will be a $50 service fee (I will inform you of this first and allow you to either send me a new DTD or pay the fee).



Quotes are only good for two months. If the deposit is not paid ($100+) before this time is up then your project will need to be re-quoted.

I require a $100 deposit (minimum) to hold your place in the queue. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. The sooner you get the deposit in, the higher your place will be in the queue and the sooner your project will be finished. Que wait times are approximate. I also require 50% of the total before working and ordering materials.

I require the rest of the payment (including shipping which is calculated after completion) in full before shipping.

•Please write your RL name/character’s name on your duct tape dummy and your payments.

Inability/failure to pay will result in you getting bumped down to the bottom of the queue and may add an extra 6 months to your completion time. Monthly payment plans are possible.


I accept Paypal, money orders, and checks.
At conventions I will also take cash, and credit/debit cards.
•All prices are in USD (American Dollars).


Shipping is not included in the original quote. Shipping and Handling is extra (usually $50-$200 within North America) and figured out once the commission is complete.

I ship using USPS, all fursuits are insured and come with tracking. The buyer is responsible for all duty fees, customs, brokerage, and taxes over and above the cost of shipping. This is usually low or negligible within North America. I have no control over extra fees.

I will NOT mark as a ‘gift’ or low-ball what the item is worth on the customs forms. This is illegal so do not ask please.

I will sometimes offer to deliver at cons but that is only if I am attending and I know I have extra room in the vehicle.


If you have a deadline in mind, please inform me when ordering. If the time-frame is acceptable and agreed on I will try my best to uphold it.

Unreasonable deadlines (which varies on workload) will not be accepted (or may be accepted for an additional charge IE a rush fee) and changes to earlier deadlines will not be accepted once the order has been agreed to unless a rush fee is paid.

I do rush orders. Depending on how fast you want it, this is my rate:

1 month: 50%
2 months: 40%
3 months: 30%
4 months: 25%
5 months: 20%
This is assuming I'm booked up for 6+ months in advance, so even when I'm closed this option is usually available just ask. No cancellation (see below).

If I do accept a cancel on a rush fee only that will be refunded and the rest of the project will remain the same. You will be returned to my normal queue and worked on like any other commission.


My warranty will cover anything under a months time unless the damage was intentionally done. If there is a defect in the suit or it does not fit properly, return it and I will fix it for free (customer pays shipping both ways unless it was a very unreasonable error on my part).

I will not fix suits which have been worn (except for test fitting) unless they are thoroughly washed first. And I will not fix suits which have been abused in any way (normal/expected wear and tear is fine. Stains, modifications, or obvious lack of care is not). The abused or dirty suits will be shipped straight back and the warranty will be null and void.

I will do small repairs/airbrushing on any items for the whole life of the suit. Any and all charges for this service are under the artist’s discretion. Any serious repairs/modifications done by anyone other than the artist will void this repair warranty.


Once the order has been made and I have begun work (which includes having already ordered the fur) then no changes may be made to the commission.

If you wish to cancel your commission (for any reason) before work has been completed, a refund in the amount of work not done will be refunded. If no work has been done, a full refund will be issued minus applicable fees (such as fur, resin, etc). The deposit of $100 will not be returned.

In the case of a rush order however I do not allow cancellation; I buy materials immediately, push other commissions aside until it is done, rearrange personal events, and overall bend over backward for you. I do not see it as fair to back out of a situation such as this especially if it is a 1-4 month rush when I have a full queue. Depending on situations I might be more lenient on a 5-6 month rush as it's not as big of a deal for me.

I do not issue refunds, partial or full, on work once completed.

If the commission is complete and you decide something is not quite correct, let me know and I will tell you if it can or cannot be changed. If it can be changed and is my fault (for not following the reference/directions) there will be no charge, but if it is something that was not in the reference and/or is my own interpretation of the reference (or the fur is the wrong shade even though it matches the references) then a fee will be charged for the changes to cover time/materials.


I only post finished pictures of hands, tails, and feet normally, unless they are unique and I need/want feedback on shape.

I do not send any WIP pictures of half sewn bodies, I occasionally do post them however it's not to be expected.

I only do pictures of the head before furring, furred/trimmed, and finished.

If you are concerned about what furs I will use or of the eyes I will use, I can send a photo/link of them before I begin work. If you are concerned about getting the expression you want, a good description will do however be familiar with my style beforehand.

I realize everyone is excited in having anything custom made and want to feel like they're a part of the process but you need to have faith in my artistic abilities. I will do everything to make it as close to the reference as possible and make sure you're happy with the outcome! If there is anything specific you're worried about me getting right just make sure to mention it to me and I'll do my best!